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Lessons Learned on the Journey

Bob Snyder, MD

Bob Snyder, MD Portrait

Bob spent 20 years practicing medicine – many of those years as co-chairman of the Emergency Medicine Department at Brandywine Hospital, Coatesville, Pennsylvania. He continues as adjunct assistant professor of emergency medicine out of Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia. Bob was very content in his work in emergency medicine when God called him and his family to ministry in Hungary (1996). As a result, International Health Services (IHS) was born. IHS trains and mentors Christian healthcare professionals, teaching them how to integrate their faith in Jesus into their medical practices, ultimately impacting patients’ lives, their families and their communities. The Snyders returned to the U.S. in 2003 to continue the work of IHS.

For Bob, life has become a journey. As the years go by, he sees lessons to be learned, some of them painful, some constant reminders, and most life-long truths. He is the proud father of three daughters and a partner in ministry with his wife. He works at golf, enjoys a good basketball game, and is passionate about the Washington Redskins. His greatest love is…Jesus.

Lessons Learned on the Journey is a personal journaling tool that has helped me grow in my journey of faith. Although I write Lessons for myself, I share them with you hoping that my victories and failures may serve to encourage, challenge and enlighten. Blessings to you as you join me on the journey.”

Bob Snyder (Signature)